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The Aims and the Objects of the Global Biotech Forum are delineated below:
1. Organization of research oriented Krishi Mela (Farmers’ Gathering)
These gatherings will be held with twin objectives in mind. The first objective will be to educate the farmers about the latest farming practices and the biotechnological advances surrounding agriculture that can be put to use practically by the farming community. The second objective will be for the scientists to give prime attention to the problems faced by farmers so that practical problems can be brought back to the laboratories and solved in a realistic manner under field conditions.
2. R&D mobile van exhibitions in remote and tribal villages
People in the remote villages and tribal areas, by virtue of their inaccessible geographic location, often remain isolated from technological developments that they can easily implement and benefit from. Mobile vans will be created specifically for spreading awareness in the Medical, Agricultural, Industrial and environmental areas.
3. R&D consultancies
Scientists associated with the Forum may wish to offer scientific and technological consultancies under the banner of the Forum. This will be done with mutual benefit to both the scientist concerned and the Forum. The money so earned by the Forum will be invested in fulfilling the other objectives of the Forum.
4. Raising grants through R&D projects and other sources
5. Sponsorship for R&D in Cottage Industries.
With the rise of economic activities in India and the other developing countries, the cottage industries have started suffering. With timely R&D input into these industries, their fortunes can be shored up and they can compete in the National and International arena.
6. Providing educational financial assistance to deserving and needy undergraduate, postgraduate and research students
Merit cannot shine at times because the economic conditions do not permit it. To such students especially hailing from rural and tribal areas, who are meritorious but cannot support themselves in further studies, the Forum will provide financial assistance and necessary guidance.
7. Incentives to the topper of M. Sc. Biotechnology (RTM Nagpur University)
Incentives often work to propel a student’s ambition and desire to excel further. Since the Forum is situated in Nagpur, it will provide such incentives to the toppers in the discipline of Biotechnology in this city.
8. Arranging R&D workshops, training, seminars and Conferences
9. Arranging visits and lectures by International scientists
These lectures will be conducted initially to mark the foundation day celebration of the Forum and later may be conducted from time to time at various places globally.
10. Lab to land R&D transfer of technology
11. Any other activities related to educational and research institutions/establishments etc.
12. Other relevant activities
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