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The Global Biotech Forum came into formal existence mainly due to the efforts of its current Patron and Chairman, Professor Sudhir Meshram, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Biotechnology Centre (RGBC), Nagpur, India. The beginnings of the Forum can be traced back to the First Global Biotech Congress held in Nagpur in 2000. The community of internationally acclaimed biotechnologists gathered in the city in that year felt the need for a forum that will disseminate information and the latest technologies to the scientists, teachers, students, as well as to the grassroots workers and farmers. Subsequently, during further discussion during the 2nd Global Biotech Congress in 2007 held at RGBC, Nagpur again, the discussions congealed toward the formal inception of the Forum.

The Global Biotech Forum was formally registered on the 1st June 2007. The Forum aims to disseminate key information regarding cutting edge developments in biotechnology to the scientists and students working in the field, to provide the small and marginal farmers with feasible technologies that can economically benefit them, to oversee transfer of technology from lab to land, and in general to create a viable interface between the users and developers of technologies so that the technological development becomes more user oriented. Besides the above, the Forum will also work toward holding R&D workshops, training, R&D mobile van exhibitions, field demonstrations in remote and tribal villages, arranging National and International seminars and symposia with the help of local communicators and other activities related to academics and the betterment of the general populace. 
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